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How to Book an Appointment
Appointments: 50 minutes
Cost: $70.00 CAD

Step 1:
Select an available appointment from the calendar on the left. The calendar will search 2 weeks ahead for the next opening. If there are no openings, simply search availability by clicking on each day.

Step 2:
Select an available time slot. Only open time slots will be accessable. If you don't see an open slot, click through the days to find one. Times are displayed in the CDT time zone. Make sure you configure the translation properly. You can find a clock above that displays our local time.

Step 3:
Enter your contact information in the form displayed. This is the information used to confirm your appointment.

Step 4:
Submit payment via PayPal. Credit card payment can also be made at time of appointment.

Step 5:
After payment, you will be sent a confirmation email with a reminder of the date and time of your appointment.