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My nephew is 11 years old & participates in the local hockey league. This January he suffered a concussion from a minor knock down. This resulted him a staying and conditioning in the hospital for his symptoms. As a family, we supported the young guy. And me, well he's like a son to me so I always supported him through the good and bad times. A few weeks had passed and he still had the continuous symptoms of a concussion with the headaches and light sensitivity, but what happened next scared us.

It was a Friday and his grandmother was taking him to an appointment late morning for some therapy. Little did we know he was complaining about really bad headaches and lack of sleep that morning. At his appointment he lost control of his eyes and he started stiffening his neck all pointing to the ceiling. He was scared. The therapy workers immediately worked on his neck and back but he couldn't control his eyes. And his Grandmother was told to take him to the hospital immediately.

She panicked and contacted me at work and came to pick me up to help take him to the emergency. I immediately went on the band wagon and contacted all my family, especially his mother to meet us at the hospital. While on the way to the hospital, my nephew was having seizures or some sort or to me it looked like a stroke. But I calmly talked him through each episode to the hospital and in the hospital.

Our family got together with him waiting for the Doctor's results and thoughts on what was the matter. Meanwhile my nephew was having his episodes. It took four Doctors to get results that he was having post-concussion symptoms but they were not calling his episodes seizures.

My nephew was about to have an episode, and by this time I could tell when he was about to have one. One of the Doctors happened to be in to give us some updates. I could tell my nephew was holding back the tension in his body and I calmly told him, "It's okay Jaden, if you're scared and your body wants to release, just do it. We're here, cry if you need to." And he did with his body fully tense and seized up - eyes rolling to the back of his head. I believe at that point the Doctor got the message that we needed more than lip service and theory. I knew there was more I needed to do to help my little buddy.

The nurse team gave him something to help him sleep because he was exhausted, but he was still having his episodes from time to time. I emailed Chris immediately at that time. He got back to me right away and we spoke on the phone. Just before I called Chris, my nephew had another episode.

I was alone with my nephew in the emergency room and Chris started to work on him through the phone. Chris immediately got some results on conditions that my nephew had and with his techniques, released them from my nephew. Things that had to do with my nephew’s concussion that relayed to his physical state, but also emotional and spiritual side too. As my nephew lay resting next to me, I could feel the energy in the room change as well. I noticed on the heart monitor that his heart rate went down to normal.

The next morning my nephew woke up after the care he received in the hospital. It was like nothing happened, like he was my nephew again. A total 360 of what had happened the day before. The first thing he asked me was, "My neck is a little sore, but can I watch some TV for a little bit?"

Later that day I told him that Chris worked on him. And for some reason he was not surprised by what Chris had done for him. Chris called that same night to do some follow up work with my nephew and was able to actually talk to him on the phone. My nephew was pleased to have Chris on his side.

My nephew has not had a seizure since. My nephew had told me that during his episodes he really didn't remember anything other than seeing my face in front of him always saying, "You’re doing good. You are awesome." And was grateful for the love and support from his mom, all his family and friends, Grandparents and Chris. The third night in the Children's Hospital, my nephew wanted to take me for a walk. So we did. And he took me to the chapel. There we sat and I asked him, "What shall we do?" "I want us to pray. I want us to pray for my healing but also to give thanks to God and those who prayed and helped me. I want God to know that Chris helped me." And at that moment I prayed with tears of gratitude and my nephew carried me through the prayer. Thank you Chris for your miracles and positive support

Murray Pruden

My experience so far of working with Chris has been very cool. He is intuitive, knowledgeable, professional, straightforward and responsive.

As of March 17th, I've had 3 [phone] sessions.

Apparently, my body was hosting a lot of parasites - including in my cerebral (brain) fluid. As soon as Chris worked with them, I felt clearer and lighter. Chris also moved some really stuck energy around depression/anxiety, unresolved trauma and Lyme disease "consciousness" in my cells and tension in my neck and shoulder due to calcification.

The benefits I feel increase with each session and the difference I notice in my body, mind and spirit after session #3 is quite dramatic. It is my intention to continue on.

FYI: I live in N. County San Diego - a mecca for self-proclaimed healers and innumerable healing systems. The strong call I felt to work with Chris came as a surprise to me since he is in Canada. I am very grateful for his ability to work so gracefully/effectively with the distance issue.